6 Basic Reports Every Marketer Should Know How to Run

By rsprung@hubspot.com (Rachel Sprung)

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Truthfully, there are tons of metrics that you can report on. You’ve got reports on the number of Twitter followers, the number of Facebook Likes, the number of visits to your website, the number of conversions, the number of leads from different campaigns or channels — just to name a few. The world is your oyster.

But that’s exactly what makes it so hard to get started — there are so many reports you can run that it’s not easy to identify the ones that are actually helpful, run them, and then act on them.

To help you wade through the haze of reports at your disposal, here the key, basic reports that marketers should think about running.

Report #1: Your typical reports, but segmented by persona type.

You probably have a set of reports that you typically look at on a regular basis. That could be the number of pageviews your website is getting, the number of leads you are generating per month, or possibly how your various marketing channels are doing. Whatever you are looking at, you can probably dig in a bit deeper into the data.

These reports don’t give you information about what your buyer persona likes and how they’re acting on your website — so you should create separate reports for just your persona segments. You may uncover insights that you originally glossed over because the original report was too broad.

From that segmented report, you can then use the data from the report to decide how to market specifically to that part of your audience. After all, different personas are interested in different topics, different formats, and different communication channels.

Let’s take a look at the example below. This report looks specifically at data for the persona Big Data Billy. It >> READ MORE <<

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10 Things All Bloggers Need to Know About the Latest Version of WordPress

By Ajeet Yadav

10 Things All Bloggers Need to Know About the Latest Version of WordPress

If you are a blogger then you will have heard about WordPress. In fact it is the most popular blogging platform globally and is used by more than 23.3% of the top 10 million websites as of January, 2015. It powers more than 60 million websites!

But there is a new version that you need to checkout.

The very latest version of WordPress, 4.1 “Dinah”, is now available for download or update. Named “Dinah” for jazz singer Dinah Washington, version 4.1 proves to be the apparent milestone for WordPress due to a plethora of improvements, general updates, fixes and new amazing features.

Whether you’re a seasoned developer or user, this version of WordPress has something for everyone to get excited about. In this post, we’ll talk about various improvements made to version 4.0 “Benny” and what they mean to WordPress lovers, especially for users.

Let’s take a look at what WordPress 4.1 has brought to us! Here are 10 things all bloggers need to know!

1. The new default theme

Twenty Fifteen, the new default WordPress theme for 2015, is the first thing that you’ll notice in WordPress 4.1.

It’s a super-clean and content-focused blog theme, designed with a mobile first approach in mind. It not only looks perfect across a wide array of devices, but it also adapts to any screen while maintaining the most important aspects of web usability or design integrity.

With a strong emphasis on typography, this new version reminds us of WordPress’ blogging basics.

Twenty Fifteen makes use of Noto Serif and Sans font family, which is expertly designed by Google to support characters from many of the world’s languages. This means you won’t have to adjust fonts to publish content in a non-English language. From a customization point of view, this gorgeous >> READ MORE <<

SOURCE ARTICLE: : http://www.jeffbullas.com/2015/01/27/10-things-all-bloggers-need-to-know-about-the-latest-version-of-wordpress/

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15 Most Creative Tumblr Blog Ideas to Inspire

By Ann Smarty

Reasons My Son Is Crying

I love Tumblr. I don’t have time to maintain my own Tumblr blog but browsing through others’ sites is very inspiring. I don’t know how they ended up nurturing such a creative community but some of Tumblr blogs just leave you wondering “How did they even come up with this idea”?

Tumblr is one of the best sources of viral content ideas: For sure…

1. Reasons My Son Is Crying

Children aren’t very good at regulating their emotions. It is a skill that comes in time, with help from parents that teach them perspective, manners, and tantrum control. For a toddler? It just isn’t happening. Anything can set off a screaming fit, and this blog documents it beautifully.

2. Museum GIFs

Museum GIFs

These GIFs are absolutely mesmerizing. Made from images and videos taken at museums around the world, you can take a glance at both art exhibits and the buildings that house them. These will be sure to inspire your creativity, and make you yearn to create. Or just to see what others are creating.

3. Awkward Stock Photos

Awkward Stock Photos

Sometimes it seems as though the people who make stock images must be doing it for a joke. Because there are some really bizarre, awkward, or hilarious stock images available out there, and many you have to pay for their use. This Tumblr explores the most awkward among them.

4. Garfield Minus Garfield

Garfield Minus Garfield

It could sensibly be argued that Garfield is a comic strip about a man losing his will to live thanks to his cat and a serious inferiority complex. But if you take the cat out of it, and let the complex remain, it becomes hilariously disturbing.

5. Last Night’s Reading

Last Night's Reading

Drawings of >>

SOURCE ARTICLE: : http://www.internetmarketingninjas.com/blog/content/15-creative-tumblr-blog-ideas-inspire/

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Blogging and Privacy: How to Blog Authentically Without Losing Your Voice

By Stacey Roberts

Hello! (1)

Laura Tremaine’s blog is called Hollywood Housewife because she is just that – married to a movie producer and living in LA. A longtime blogger, she’s learned how to balance honest storytelling with keeping her husband, her family, and their life together somewhat incognito. Always only a Google search away from film fans, Laura has erred on the side of caution when it comes to sharing her tales, but manages never to lose the heart of them. She is a gifted writer with an interesting story to tell, and I have no doubt you’ll take away lots to think about if you’ve ever been concerned about laying out your life on the internet in blog form.


Blog Beginnings

I started blogging as a creative outlet for my writing. I moved to Los Angeles from Oklahoma with the romantic notion that I was going to write novels and screenplays for a living. But I never got that far. I fell into television & movie production as a way to pay the bills, and that workload is really kind of intense. After I got married, I quit working in reality television and decided that I finally wanted to pursue that original dream. Blogging was just beginning to get huge, and the instant gratification of publishing on the internet was so alluring.

At first I just did it for myself and the handful of family and friends that read my first small blog. After a few stops and starts, I finally decided that I wanted to take the whole thing more seriously and grow an audience. I started over with the blog name Hollywood Housewife (because I am one) and have been plugging along with it ever since.

Privacy Needs

My husband Jeff Tremaine is a successful director/producer with a large fan base. The demographics that are attracted >> READ MORE <<

SOURCE ARTICLE: : http://www.problogger.net/archives/2015/01/27/blogging-and-privacy-how-to-blog-authentically-without-losing-your-voice/

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Trolls, Unkind Words, and How to Know You’re on the Right Track

By Sonia Simone

image of Inuksuk sculpture from the Athabasca Glacier, taken by James Pratley

At the end of the day, I just find your persona incredibly grating.

Funny that I can still remember that comment word-for-word. It’s from an unsubscribe note to my email list dating back at least seven years now.

I heard lots of good things back then, too. I was helping people, sharing what I knew in a way that was useful to my (then tiny) audience. But I don’t remember any of the good comments verbatim.

Even back then, though, the note made me laugh.


Because I knew that it was a signpost. A signal that I was headed in the right direction.

The Internet is full of wonderful things. It’s given me a rich business life, a vehicle to help and teach, lots of friendships, and a wide view of this amazing world. I even met my husband online.

But it’s also populated by a few people who are rude and disagreeable, if not outright trolls.

The day you get your first snotty comment is the day you’ve arrived, in a weird way. It means you’ve escaped your own echo chamber. You’ve grown out of the little cocoon that kept you safe.

And you’re strong enough to handle that, even if you don’t always feel that way.

No one takes a swipe at boring people

If you’re a bland, unremarkable serving of Cream of Wheat, you won’t attract many haters.

You need a strong voice to stand out online — and some will find that “incredibly grating.” You’re on the right track.

You need to stand for something beyond platitudes and conventional wisdom. Some will find that threatening or even offensive. You’re on the right track.

You need to stand tall and own your success and authority. Some will find that intolerable. Let them howl. You’re on the >> READ MORE <<

SOURCE ARTICLE: : http://www.copyblogger.com/inuksuk/

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The 15 Best Facebook Pages You’ve Ever Seen

By kbodnar@hubspot.com (Kipp Bodnar)

free facebook cover photo template

With more than 1.23 billion users, Facebook is a major player in the world of social networking. Businesses looking to market using Facebook have one major tool at their disposal: the Facebook Page.

Facebook Pages were specifically engineered for businesses. They provide a public home on Facebook for a business, and they allow businesses to publish content and receive comments and feedback from fans and customers.

Facebook Pages are a simple tool, but they allow for many interesting business opportunities. So we combed through the web to find 15 Facebook Pages that you absolutely MUST see. Put simply, these pages are awesome.

And to start creating an awesome Facebook Page of your own, download your free Facebook cover photo template here.

15 Great Facebook Business Page Examples You Have to See

1) L.L. Bean

Why It’s Awesome: This is an example of a Page that focuses on the customer. Not only do they post updates with cool photos, videos, and tips for outdoor adventurers, but they also include tabs dedicated to their free shipping policy, a “Base Camp” where customers can post photos using specific hashtags, and a “Join the Conversation” tab where you can get on their mailing list or follow their other social media accounts.


2) Intrepid Travel

Why It’s Awesome: Travel agency Intrepid Travel has put together a great Facebook Page complete with a special tab to meet and connect with other travelers, one that shows trip and tour reviews, and one that lets users search and book trips without having to leave their Facebook Page. Talk about a great user experience.


3) Threadless

Why It’s Awesome: Threadless has tons of >> READ MORE <<

SOURCE ARTICLE: : http://blog.hubspot.com/blog/tabid/6307/bid/28441/The-15-Best-Facebook-Pages-You-ve-Ever-Seen.aspx

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Video and Social Media – Tips and Takeaways from #SMBMSP74

By James Anderson


Panelists including, from left, Jeff Achen, David Krejci, Farrington Starnes and Chuck Olsen address the audience at the January 23 SMBMSP event.

Digital marketers have known for some time that video is an essential part of the marketing mix: 76% of B2B companies use video as a content marketing tactic. Video is also an important part of a social media content strategy. After all, YouTube is the second most popular search engine after Google and Facebook has more than 1 billion daily video views.

Great examples of companies using video to enhance both B2C and B2B marketing are in high demand whether from major brands, agencies and small DIY businesses. At TopRank Online Marketing we’re always on the lookout for new examples to share with our community and clients. That’s why seven members of our team attended a recent Social Media Breakfast at 514 studios in Minneapolis – to learn how other companies are implementing video as part of a social media strategy.

The SMBMSP74 panel of social media video experts and pioneers included:
Jeff Achen, Executive Director of The Uptake
David Erickson, VP of Online Marketing for Karwoski & Courage
Erica Hanna, Owner, Puke Rainbows Creative
Chuck Olsen Owner, VidTiger
David Krejci Executive Vice President, Social Media and Digital Communications at Weber Shandwick
Farrington Starnes Digital Media Coordinator, Bedlam Theatre


TopRank team members take in the presentation at SMBMSP.

What did the team from TopRank Marketing learn about video and social media? Here are a few takeaways, tips and insights that we each brought back to the office.

Brooke Furry – Associate Account Manager

Get past the idea that video marketing is all fuzzy animals and funny things kids say. Brands have a huge opportunity in 2015 to >> READ MORE <<

SOURCE ARTICLE: : http://feedproxy.google.com/~r/OnlineMarketingSEOBlog/~3/i2AYajm6zgg/

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Call-to-Action: Defined in a Single GIF

By gsoskey@hubspot.com (Ginny Soskey)


Calls-to-action. You know that they’re a crucial component of inbound marketing. You know you need ‘em on your website if you want to attract more visitors, generate more leads, and convert more customers.

… And that’s about all you know.

Don’t worry, though! Calls-to-action are actually a pretty simple marketing concept.

To get the down-low on this marketing term, take a minute to watch the animated GIF below. You’ll learn what a call-to-action actually is and how you can use it in your marketing. Once you’re done, you’ll be creating them yourself in no time.


calls to action write design


SOURCE ARTICLE: : http://blog.hubspot.com/marketing/call-to-action-definition-gif

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15 Ways to Optimize Your Facebook Ads

By Rocco Alberto Baldassarre

Are Facebook ads working for you? Are you looking to get a better return on your Facebook ad investment? To get the best performance from ads, you need to make sure they reach the right audience. In this article you’ll find 15 ways to set up and optimize your Facebook ads. #1: Keep Mobile and […]

This post 15 Ways to Optimize Your Facebook Ads first appeared on Social Media Examiner.
Social Media Examiner – Your Guide to the Social Media Jungle


SOURCE ARTICLE: : http://www.socialmediaexaminer.com/optimize-your-facebook-ads/

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How to Create Influential Content With Social Media

By Sarah Quinn

Do you want to be seen as a social media leader in your industry? Is content marketing part of your strategy? Providing valuable content to your audience can help you stand out on social channels. In this article I’ll show you six ways to raise your social media influence with content. #1: Target Readers, Not Buyers […]

This post How to Create Influential Content With Social Media first appeared on Social Media Examiner.
Social Media Examiner – Your Guide to the Social Media Jungle


SOURCE ARTICLE: : http://www.socialmediaexaminer.com/create-influential-content-with-social-media/

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