Monthly Income, Growth & Traffic Report – January 2015

By Matthew Woodward


This is the 28th income report as part of the zero backlink experiment.

Every month I will publish a post like this one that shows you how this blog is progressing and everything I have done across the month to get it there.

These reports will help me track my own progress while teaching you what to do and more importantly what not to do.

ATTENTION: Learn My Secrets With Instant Access To The Income Report Archive

What I Have Done In January

January was a very strange month as it happened across 4 countries which gave me plenty of time to reflect on the past year & future of my businesses.

This time of year is generally a quiet one in the internet world so it was the perfect time to put my thinking cap on for the year ahead.

I’m expecting that to have a big impact on the blog’s earnings this month but it certainly paves the way for some record breaking months to come.

Content Creation

I published a total of 7 posts this month which is 1 less than last month but it feels like I hardly posted at all!

We started the years by looking at the top 10 posts of 2014 based on 3.6 million pageviews!

Then 44 experts shared their number 1 link building & SEO tip which was closely followed by tutorial to create your own roundups.

Next I showed you how I increased email optin conversion by 469% in less than 24 hours.

Other than those posts we just had the regular best of internet marketing & income report roundup posts.

Announcing My SEO Agency

I soft launched my SEO agency to the wider public in June which has seen steady growth since as we found our >> READ MORE <<


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3 Tips for Accelerated Blog Growth & Online Visibility

By Guest Blogger


This is a guest contribution from Robert Kramers.

Discouraged with the amount of traffic your blog attracts? Maybe you’re looking for ways to engage more readers, build more business and build a loyal following?

Understanding a few effective strategies can help you attract the readers you want and get them to share your content, grow your readership and increase your overall visibility.

Here are the three super-effective blogging strategies for building your reputation online.

Find Blog Topics you Know have a Proven Record

The trick to publishing content that people share, is to base the content on something that has already worked in the past.

You can take a lot of the guesswork out of publishing content by researching what people have already enjoyed and improving on it.

Hereís a few ways you can do this:

Method #1: Examine a successful competitor

One of the best ways to work out what’s popular on a competitors website is to use Moz’s Open Site Explorer.

Let’s say you are in the social media industry and you’re looking for a topic for which you want to maximize the chance of success. You could throw a competitors home page URL into OSE, and view the top pages of their website.

  • Step #1: Find competitor who ranks well in Google search:

  • Step #2: Enter their home page URL into OSE
  • Step #3: Click the ‘top pages’ link to the left of the page (pictured)

  • Step #4: Scan the list of top pages on the website. You will often find some of their most popular blog posts in among the top few pages.


Top pages in OSE are based on the authority of the page, which incorporates a number of signals including links from other websites and social signals.

In about 40 seconds of searching, I >> READ MORE <<


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Quiz: Can You Guess the Brands Behind These 16 Slogans?

By (Jami Oetting)


This post originally appeared on Agency Post. To read more content like this, subscribe to Agency Post.

A few well-chosen words is often all that is needed for a consumer to recall a favorite brand. But today, marketers and advertisers tend to rely on visual cues — a font, a color, a spokesperson, or even an icon — to inspire.

Consider this: What phrase do you associate with Nike? Would the brand symbolize the same attitude without their famous “Just Do It” tagline?

There is power in right words. But if you still don’t believe me, take our quiz below. Can you guess the brands behind these famous taglines and slogans? And how do these phrases change the way you think about each company?

1)The happiest place on earth.

(Click below to reveal the brand.)

2) Life’s Messy, Clean It Up.

3) Leave the driving to us.

4) Betcha can’t eat just one.

5) Believe In Your Smellf.

6) The taste of a new generation.

7) A Passion For the Road.

8) We know money.

9) Behold the power of cheese.

10) Get your own box.

11) Does she or doesn’t she?

12) Play. Laugh. Grow.

13) The best a man can get.

14) Don’t dream it. Drive it.

15) Let your fingers do the walking.

16) When you care enough to send the very best.

<img alt="" >>


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Natural, Relevant Links for your Money Sites – 404 Link Method

By admin

The post Natural, Relevant Links for your Money Sites – 404 Link Method appeared first on Drip Apps.



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How to Use Psychological Biases to Sell Better and Faster

By (Emma Snider)


This post originally appeared on the Sales section of Inbound Hub. To read more content like this, subscribe to Sales.

For all the powerful processing work the human mind can do, it’s still prone to making bizarre assumptions or jumping to an illogical conclusion every now and then. Problem is, we don’t even recognize these patterns as strange. They’re built into the fabric of our thought — so to us, they just seem normal.

But upon examination, they’re revealed to be anything but normal. Why else would we buy Beanie Babies in bulk? Or consider a rhyming tagline to be “truer” than a non-rhyming tagline? Thanks, psychological biases.

Like it or not, these biases are part of us. So those in the business of persuasion can benefit from learning how to spot and play to them. Below are 10 psychological biases that relate to decision-making. Not only can these help you understand why you make the choices you do, each also has a sales takeaway attached to help reps use these brain quirks to sell better.

1) The ‘Ambiguity’ Effect

Imagine I gave you two lunch choices. I could either take you out to a place you know and like (although it isn’t your favorite), or I could take you somewhere completely random that neither of us have ever been to nor read any reviews about. It could be great, but it could also be awful.

Which would you choose? If your brain works like most people’s, you’d probably opt for the first option rather than risk a very unpleasant midday meal.

Ambiguity effect causes people to avoid options with uknown results or those about which they lack information. Now you can tell your significant other there’s a scientific reason why it’s so hard to >> READ MORE <<


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Twitter Rolls Out Mobile Video: This Week in Social Media

By Cindy King

Welcome to our weekly edition of what’s hot in social media news. To help you stay up to date with social media, here are some of the news items that caught our attention. What’s New This Week? Twitter Rolls Out Group Direct Messages and Mobile Video: “Starting today, everyone will soon be able to seamlessly capture, edit and […]

This post Twitter Rolls Out Mobile Video: This Week in Social Media first appeared on Social Media Examiner.
Social Media Examiner – Your Guide to the Social Media Jungle



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The Winner of the WritetoDone Flash Fiction Contest 2015

By Mary Jaksch


A complete story in 500 words?

Is it possible?

The winning story of the WriteToDone Contest (read it below) shows what a talented writer can do with 500 words.

The contest was judged by the WTD team, Mary Jaksch, Editor-in-Chief and Vinita Zutshi, Associate Editor, together with Head Judge, Dr. John Yeoman of the Writer’s Village.

The judges considered the following questions and awarded points from 0 – 5 for each.

  1. Were the guidelines followed (a maximum of 500 words of fiction)?
  2. Was the title enticing and appropriate for the story?
  3. Were spelling, punctuation and grammar correct (consistent British or American English?)
  4. Were the opening and closing skillful?
  5. Quality of writing: Was the writing natural and tight? Did it avoid cliches? Did it have flow and demonstrate deep structure?
  6. Did the story have a twist?
  7. Were protagonists characterized well?
  8. Was there strong conflict within the story?

It was interesting to see that all of us judges came up with very similar scores. In particular, we were all delighted with the overall winner.

And the winner is …


by Scott Sharpe

I’m stacking hay bales in the loft, sweating whiskey, when my old one-eyed rooster begins to raise sand. I stumble down the ladder and out to the yard.

Hemingway is all plumed up like a gamecock, swaggering and bobbing his head, scratching and crowing. The hens have gathered the chicks into the safety of the coop, but they’re already settling, their frantic cackling giving way to a throaty purring. Downy feathers drift on hot, close air – one such landing on my boot as I watch the goings on.

The rooster is on the far side of the yard, still strutting and glancing toward the woods then the coop, his single eye watchful.


Looking up through the chicken wire, I watch a gray fox slink >> READ MORE <<


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Income Report Roundup – January 2015

By Matthew Woodward


One of the most popular posts I publish are my income reports.

So I decided to round up as many income reports as possible and rank them based on earnings to see how I stack up against the rest.

If you publish an income report on your blog and would like it included in next month’s post then please let me know in the comments!

Here we go-

#1) – $22,421.90 (-$13,241.15)

Even though I saw a huge expected drop I still came out on top this month.

I suspect that is because a certain food blog haven’t published their income report and were enjoying some time off over the festive period.

I did exactly the same so who can blame them :) Next month’s report won’t be great either but the Christmas slump is nearly over!

Get my income reports delivered direct to your inbox – subscribe now & get them before anyone else!

#2) – $15,544.80 (-$5,202.78)

We have watched Deby grow over the past year and now she moves into the number 2 spot.

She is setting new traffic or income records every single month back to back – I better hold tight to that number 1 spot while I’ve got it.

What I love about how Deby makes money is it is all in the arts & crafts niche which is notoriously difficult to make any substantial money in.

#3) – $13,673.00 (-$861.00)

Michelle is someone else we have been tracking for a long time & wraps her year up with $163,929.

We have watched her take the jump from full time employee to a full time self employed internet marketer.

In 2015 she wants to increase profits by 15% & put >> READ MORE <<


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How Product Packaging Influences Buying Decisions [Infographic]

By (Jami Oetting)


This post originally appeared on Agency Post. To read more content like this, subscribe to Agency Post.

A shopper paces the aisle, looking at one laundry detergent after another. All offer essentially the same thing: clean clothes, fresh smell, easy pour …

So how does a shopper make a decision to buy one over another? Is it the color of the bottle, the price, a familiar logo? Does she spring for the brand her mother is loyal to, or does she care more about a brand with a phosphate-free formula and environmentally friendly packaging?

There’s too many options and not enough time for shoppers to take all the factors into consideration. To make this easier, our brains rely on recognition of brands, colors, icons, associated emotions, and images, all of which ultimately reduce the cognitive load required to make a decision. Using these cues enables us to act quickly.

By understanding the science behind why we buy and how we buy, brands can create packaging that connects with the undecided consumer. The Paper Worker created the below infographic to outline how typography, color, and icons affect the buying process — and why special attention to product packaging needs to be a priority for any brand.





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Amazon Leads the Way With Negotiation Option for Rare Items

By (Morgan Jacobson)


It’s hard to call Amazon a trendsetter in this field, since eBay has done something similar for over a decade. Still, because of Amazon’s influence over ecommerce trends, we may be able to consider it groundbreaking. What’s this “new” thing they’re doing?


Sure, eBay is and auction site, where buyers try to outbid each other for anything from socks to one-of-a-kind art pieces. Amazon’s “make an offer” option is, for now, available only for rare pieces like collectibles and fine art. The basic idea behind the two is the same, though. By allowing buyers to make their offers, whether in an auction setting or a haggling scenario, these two ecommerce giants give buyers even more power.

How It Works

As you’ll see in the screenshot below, Amazon provides the option for buyers to either purchase the item at a set price or to make an offer. The offer is delivered directly to the seller, who can either accept that offer or make a counteroffer. The deal is done when the seller either accepts or both parties walk away.

amazon haggling negotiation ecommerce option

Just like haggling in real life, right?

Why This Is Big News

If eBay has done something along the same lines for years, why is Amazon’s new negotiation option such a big deal? In truth, Amazon is a leader in the ecommerce world. The company has made buying online easier and less expensive than ever. When they break new ground, the rest of the ecommerce world follows.

Sure, other websites out there probably haggled with buyers if those buyers were savvy enough to seek out the contact information. As far as a structured, easy way for potential customers to make lower offers, Amazon is leading the pack. They may have already patented >> READ MORE <<


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